Hello, World

11 November 2013

Hello, in fact, just to you specifically. Thanks for looking in. Welcome to Exciting.

This is a new company, with a new focus on exploring how to use simple software systems to make the world a little bit better. We are curious; we like to prototype things, often without knowing for certain whether or not they are going to work. Printer is a great example of that. Not knowing for certain that something is going to work is part of the fun, and fosters serendipity.

Some of the projects that are now under the Exciting banner, you may already be familiar with: Harmonia, Printer, HeyLi.st, and maybe a few others. Some of the notable blog posts about them have also come along for the ride.

Go Free Range was kind enough to foster these ideas in their infancy, but the time has come to give them a bit more space to grow in new ways. We are really exciting to start developing them in exciting new directions. I'll say a bit more about that in the near future on the GFR Blog I’ve written a bit more about this on the GFR blog.

But it’s not just about those projects; there will be (hopefully) many new things here as we get back up to the speed. If there’s one thing that Exciting is about, it’s momentum.

Speaking of which, we better get started. Here’s a freshly baked bit of software for you already!

If you’d like to hear about what we get up to, why not follow us on Twitter or join our mailing list (see below) – we’ll try our very best to make it worth your while.

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